Henna Color


Plants are truly the only organic hair color available and leaves your hair glossy and shiny.

Plant based hair color
For thousands of years plant dyes have been used to color hair. Henna is one of the most popular and is known for its red-orange tone. However there are many other plant dyes out there that can create an array beautiful, natural tones. We can create gorgeous dark to light brown, red, copper, mahogany, auburn, strawberry blonde, as well as a variety of blonde tones.

What is henna?
Henna is a plant! Its leaves are dried, crushed into a powder and then used to color your hair. Henna does not have the ability to lighten your natural hair color. It blends with the natural tones of your hair to bring life to your color and light to your locks.

Plant based dyes
Plant-based dyes block damaging UV rays to prevent sun damage and color fade that leads to unwanted tones. It strengthens the hair helping to eliminate split ends, dandruff, ringworm, and head lice. Hair colored with plant-based materials gives off a truly multidimensional tone when light bounces off the hair shaft.

Is it safe?
Plant-based dyes are organic and void of any harmful chemicals. It is safe to use while pregnant or breastfeeding and is a great alternative for those who are sensitive to chemicals.

Processing time
Depending on your desired end result, please allow extra time in your schedule for the color to fully develop. To reveal a lovely gloss to your hair requires 30 minutes. To cover gray hair or to impart rich tones to the hair, please allow 3 to 6 hours for processing time. You do not need to process your color in the salon for applications requiring over 30 minutes. Once the color is applied, we wrap your hair in a beautiful turban scarf allowing you to continue on with your day. For your first visit, you’ll need to come back to the salon at the end of your processing time to have your hair rinsed. For subsequent visits, you can rinse the henna yourself at home or come back to the salon and we’ll do it for you.

Over the counter henna products
Buyer beware! Plant-based colors sold in retail establishments do not need to list all the ingredients in their products. Many of those products contain metallic salts that do not mix well with hair that’s been previously treated to the chemicals in conventional dyes. The combination presents a horrible end result. Bella Donna’s uses only 100% organic plant-based products and is safe to use over previously colored hair. Our knowledge and experience enables us to create a custom mix of plant dyes to achieve the right color for you.

To learn more about the beautiful results natural hair color offers please call Tammy at Bella Donna’s, 619 221-8009, for a free consultation today!